23 Fascinating Facts About the Number Twenty-Three

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To most, it’s just what comes between 22 and 24.

2: The number has been the subject of not one but two films: the 1998 German movie, 23, and The Number 23, starring Jim Carrey, released (naturally) today. Each has a main character obsessed with the number.

3: John Forbes Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who was the subject of the film, A Beautiful Mind, starring Russell Crowe, was obsessed with 23. It featured prominently in his battle with mental illness. His breakdown began when he claimed that a photograph of Pope John XXIII on the cover of Life magazine was in fact him, the proof being that 23 was his favorite number. Nash published 23 scientific articles.

4: More freaky numerical coincidences: Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species was published in 1859 – 1+8+5+9 = 23. Two divided by three makes 0.666 recurring (allegedly – actually it makes 0.6666666667). The Hiroshima bomb was dropped at 8.15am – 8+15= 23.

5: 23rdians are a group of people who subscribe to the mystical power of 23 and see it in multiple combinations throughout daily life.

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Bed Rail Hook Repair with “OFFSET BRACKETS”



For decades, bed manufacturers in America used a standard hook brackets that was inserted into the end on a bed’s rails. They were held in place by 2 metal dowels.Old Hook Plate

Over time, these get loose and wiggle. The metal dowels wallow out the holes drilled into the inside face of the rails. Eventually, they twist to the point that they come out of the pocket they are supposed to rest in and the bracket pulls out. Remounting the bracket in the same way it was originally placed will not really be an option for a couple of reasons:

  1. The rail itself probably cracked along the grain (or ply) where the slot was cut into the end (where the bracket was mounted.)
  2. The holes drilled for the metal dowels that secure the brackets have become wallowed out and will not hold the dowels securely any longer.


Most manufacturers of these beds will not be able to supply you with a replacement rail. If they could, it most likely would not match in color. You can find metal hook on rails from companies like Leggett & Platt, but this looks cheap and may not fit tightly since they are a universal fit. Some shops will make a customer a set of rails for a cost of  $159 to $235 per rail depending on size and type of wood according to The Washington Post article here.

Bed Rail
Newly constructed rail with original type hook placement. Plywood construction with birch veneer.

Your best option is to have the rail, or rails, repaired so that they can be as good as new, or better – this will save time, money and guarantee a finish match.

Hiring a professional furniture repair company to install hook brackets on-site can be a little expensive. Fortunately, the repair is really a Do-It-Yourself project. It only requires a set of offset hook brackets, 3/4″ wood screws, and a Phillips screwdriver.

***IMPORTANT*** MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING “OFFSET” BRACKETS. The offset will place your hooks right in the center of the end of the rail where the original bracket was located. Offset brackets are only available at Square 23, while other flat ones are commonly found online. If a flat plate is used, it will cause each rail to sit 3/8″ wider to the outside than originally designed. This could cause a setup issue with your slats, as wells as the gap between your box spring and rails will be wider. Not just a potential cosmetic issue, but a structural one as well. It’s important for the bed slats to rest fully on the rail support cleat. If the bed slats become a little too short due to moving the rails out 3/4″, your foundation and mattress could fall through to the floor.



When looking at a rail, lay it down “left to right” with the inside facing up. The brackets have a “Left” and a “Right” side in order to allow the hooks on either end to face down and grip the metal pins inside the slot on the headboard and footboard of the bed. They are not interchangeable from end to end.

If there is a substantial crack on the top of the rail, add wood glue into the crack by carefully prying it apart just a bit with a flat screwdriver. This is not mandatory, but will help stabilize the integrity of the rail. Afterward, place the hook plate at the appropriate end and use 3/4″ countersink head wood screws in the holes (5 per plate) to secure the bracket. The screws will be long enough to pull any crack together by acting as a clamp. They are short enough to not go all the way through the rail and stick out the finished side. If glue was used, the crack will be permanently closed.

These brackets will be more secure than the originals and last for a lifetime with normal usage. They will also be a seamless fit that will not cause a cosmetic, or setup issue with your bed. The entire process will take an hour or less- and save a perfectly good bed.


If you need a set of offset brackets, please click here.

Many people have commented that they cannot find the offset brackets anywhere other than this website. We offer them on Amazon, and Ebay too for $39.99 with free shipping in the US.

5 Famous Savannah Spirits

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We’ve all heard the saying “if walls could talk,” but in Savannah, they don’t need to thanks to the bold spirits that wander the historic halls and scenic streets. Get to know the eerie tales firsthand from the famous ghosts that make Georgia’s First City one of America’s most haunted.

1. Toby at Moon River Brewing Co.

Moon River Brewing
photograph by Erica Nichols

It’s no secret that Moon River Brewing Co. has its fair share of ghostly happenings. The brewery’s sinister reputation can be traced back to one mischievous ghost. Toby, named by staff, likes to hang in the billiard room with customers, and has been known to shove them and knock their drinks down when they get in his way.

Although he hasn’t been linked back to a specific historic figure, he’s made enough of an impact beyond the grave. So much so that they’ve created a beer called “Apparition Ale” dedicated to Toby and the other mysterious incidents in the building.

2. Broken-Hearted Anna

photograph by Erica Nichols

Said to be one of Savannah’s oldest inns, 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant, is home to the ghost of Anna Powers, who lived there in the late 18th century. At that time, the inn was a house her father owned and rented out to sailors passing through, and one of those sailors caught the eye and heart of Anna. The two fell in love fast, but their love affair quickly turned into lover’s quarrels.

After one nasty fight, Anna, in distress, jumped out of the second-floor window to her death. Her broken heart still haunts the building, particularly couples who stay in room 204, her old bedroom. Anna likes to switch the lights on and off, lock and unlock the doors, and switch the fireplace on and off in the hopes that she will never be forgotten.

3. Maître D’ James Habersham Jr.

The Olde Pink House
photograph by Erica Nichols

Most of Savannah’s ghosts were sticklers for order and tidiness, and James Habersham Jr. is one such spirit. James spent nearly two decades constructing The Olde Pink House to perfection. Sadly, he ended his life after only 10 years of living in it. Said to have died to be with his wife who had passed a couple years before him, James’ soul still walks the halls of his old house.

Now a restaurant on the haunted Reynolds Square, The Olde Pink House is always in pristine condition due to James’ role as Maître D’. Staff and guests have spotted his apparition straightening tablecloths and utensils, cleaning server stations, and pushing in chairs that have been left out. Even in ghost-form, James takes great pride in his house and all who visit it.

photograph by Erica Nichols

4. The Davenport Feline

The Davenport House

The Isaiah Davenport House is a popular stop when visiting Savannah, and it was just as popular when it was first built. At times the house had been known to host up to 11 different families. And while their ghosts may still reside in their old rooms, the most famous spirits strolls on four legs.

The Davenport cat has been described as an orange and white tabby cat that staff has seen dashing between the different rooms in the house. Particularly fond of the younger visitors, this friendly tabby has been known to capture their hearts by brushing up against their legs and asking for a pet or two. The Davenport feline is such an iconic guest at the house that you can take your own version home in the form of a plush toy in the gift shop.

5. Lady in Gray

Owens-Thomas House
photograph by Erica Nichols

The stunning Owens-Thomas House is considered one of the most beautiful historic houses in Savannah. While touring the house, it’s evident that it was well used and well loved, and this feeling is probably due to the spirit of the Lady in Gray that still lives in the house. The Lady in Gray refers to Margaret Thomas, who inherited the house from her grandfather, George Owens.

Margaret poured her love into the house and its tranquil gardens in the backyard. She makes her grand appearance in the twilight hours walking through the mansion and gardens in her iconic gray shawl and large hat. With a house like that, it’s no wonder why her soul doesn’t want to leave.


Credit- author Erica Nichols.


In 2010, I had the pleasure of being involved with a home makeover for a very deserving family in Savannah. The home, located in Ardsley Park, was a great one to work with, not to mention being in a great neighborhood on Abercorn Street. They Extreme Home crew literally remodeled the home in a week, and I was there to perform any repairs needed to the furniture before the reveal. I had done set work for TV commercials before for another large retailer, but it was nothing like this.


Havertys furniture provided all of the furnishings for the home, and as a former employee of the company, I was excited to be among friends for the lead up to handing the home back over to the owners. Everyone owes it to themselves to find meaning and purpose in their work, and this was an occasion that allowed a multitude of people to find it if they had never really looked for it before.

Fortunately for me, there always seems to be the opportunity to do kind things for people. Restoring an inherited table, repairing a broken lift chair for an elderly client, or even just telling someone how to care for a precious piece of furniture brings me happiness because I’m able to help others. I’ve found that if your work is more about making a positive difference in other people’s lives, you benefit as much or more yourself.





My Brush With Fame

I was in Richmond Hill, Ga a couple of years ago on a service call. The day before, I called the client to arrange a time to make the visit, and he was very polite. The next day when I pulled up to the neighborhood gate, which was on an old rural road in the middle of nowhere, I called his cell phone number and only got voice mail. The greeting message that I heard said, “You’ve reached Gregory, please leave a message.” So I did. Soon after, a lady met me at the gate. She told me that Gregory had just called her to let her know I was waiting… and we proceeded into the neighborhood.

The road was lined with old Live Oak trees filled with Spanish moss. I pulled up into the driveway to park, and then we went into the house through the garage. The garage was spotless with a checkerboard floor, and it housed a couple of cars hidden by covers. The house was neat and was decorated with an eclectic sense of style. I proceeded to the bedroom to make some repairs to a poster bed.

After making the repairs, I walked through the house and passed an interesting room that was kind of a man’s cave. There were 4 old restored barber’s chairs that sat in front of a large screen TV. You know the ones, chrome with red leather seats… but I believe the red leather had been replaced by spotted cow hides that still had the hair on them. “Pretty stylish,” I thought to myself. As I kept walking, I passed an old black and white framed photograph on the wall in a hallway. It was an earthen bank on the side of a highway that had a carving dug into it that read “REMEMBER DUANE ALLMAN”.

How odd, I thought. Who would have that picture on their wall. Next to it I saw another picture of a man with long hair and a pony tail. He had a beard and the face of a famous rock star. Then it hit me. I was in Gregg Allman’s home. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be there- his assistant told me that he was working on assembling a tour with Alex Cooley.

She told me how he was nothing like most people think. A man of many talents. She even told me that he had decorated the entire home by himself… and it looked great. Who would have thought that this rock icon had such a talent for interior design.

I would have loved to have met him, and hoped he would call back needing something else- but it never happened. But I still had his cell number… something I would brag about to my friends many times. Although I was asked for it, I never gave anyone the number.

RIP Gregory.