based out of Flowery Branch, Georgia, Square23 is a world class service provider for repairs and refinishing of fine furniture with over 30 years of dedicated experience in the craft. Repairs are done on-site, as well as in-shop depending on the request. Nothing is too big or too small.


Here you’ll find links to parts that are commonly needed for repairs that most people will be able to install themselves.


Square 23 was conceived to be a steward of design and style that will transcend most lifestyle interior retailers. Square 23’s style is influenced by the southern charm and coastal appeal of Savannah, Georgia.
Our small catalog is updated frequently with of one-of-a kind pieces that reflect the rustic appeal of Savannah with a bit of an industrial flavor. Each piece offered here is a Square 23 original and will provide an unmatched combination of inspired design and uncompromising quality.




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Our Core Values


To inspire character in every aspect of  life
Values have a great impact on our inner world. They define us and our culture. They form the foundation of our character. They create clarity, inspiration, and enable us to deliver the extraordinary. We believe a company succeeds because of their values, not in spite of them. These are ours:

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Any company is the sum of it’s people and they are it’s most valuable resource. We believe in 10 tenets that everyone should desire to be. People who model the characteristics we value are:
* Authentic * Passionate * Encouraging * Independent thinkers * Responsible *Trustworthy * Committed * Courageous in always doing what is right * Honest * Positive team players who support other people



We believe in fostering the spirit of creativity and innovation. Creative people boldly declare, courageously pursue, and abundantly achieve the extraordinary* when they are allowed the freedom to implement their ideas.
*Amir Ghannad-  author of “The Transformative Leader”



We believe in nurturing a culture of accountability. It is about recognizing and celebrating successes while remembering that failures are opportunities to learn.



Leadership is a journey, not a destination. It is about influence, not position. People choose to follow the example great leaders model. Leadership in service of others provides purpose and deep meaning and will never fail to provide an excellent result. True leaders create other leaders, not followers. There is a transformative leader within all of us, and everything we accomplish begins with knowing our inner self


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If you believe, you can do what can’t be done

We are all guilty, at times, of reinforcing negative beliefs about ourselves that prevent us from accomplishing what we want to do. “I’m bad at remembering names”, “I’m always late to work”, and “I can’t lose weight” are ways we see ourselves. Instead, we can view ourselves as the person who can remember anyone by … Continue reading If you believe, you can do what can’t be done