Unlevel Door Fix

If your doors aren’t level and you have adjustable hinges, then you’re in luck. Here is a one minute video that describes how the typical euro-hinge can be adjusted, but first make sure that your piece is sitting level. Most floors are not perfectly level and require the levelers on the bottom of the feet or legs to be slightly adjusted.

There are variations of this type of hinge, but they all work nearly the same. I get calls quite often on how to adjust doors so that they are even, and it’s tough to try to instruct someone on how to do this over the phone. If the doors are on a piece of furniture, make sure that the item is as level as possible first! Most door issues are due to a piece being on a wooden floor that is not perfectly flat- so use the adjustable floor glides to level the unit first and it may fix the door issue. If it is on a tile or brick floor with many inconsistencies, then level it as best you can and then fine tune the door fit with the adjustable hinges.

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