If you believe, you can do what can’t be done

We are all guilty, at times, of reinforcing negative beliefs about ourselves that prevent us from accomplishing what we want to do. “I’m bad at remembering names”, “I’m always late to work”, and “I can’t lose weight” are ways we see ourselves. Instead, we can view ourselves as the person who can remember anyone by name; we are the one who will always leaves a little earlier, and we will always be someone who will at least make the drive to the gym no matter what- whether we work out for 5 minutes, one hour, or not at all. If we believe we are that person, then we can always achieve any goal. You will remember names, be on time, and even walk into the gym when you don’t feel like it because you are in the parking lot… and be glad you got that work-out in when you didn’t feel like it. How you view yourself will affect everything you do.

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