Winning Effortlessly

Culture is when we draw a line between what is accepted, and what is not accepted. A high performance culture must be defined, and everyone in it must accept the responsibility to live within that culture.

 We are designed to live in a high performance culture. When you walk into a system that values integrity and authenticity, you feel like you’ve come home…. and just belonging to this tribe, your next best self is being accessed. You realize, “I’m becoming better than I ever was before just by being in the tribe. By being a member of this team, I know that everyone else will not tolerate anything except my best self.” Our genetic code is one that makes us desire to live in a peak performing culture. It’s our natural state. That’s why it makes us happy when we find the right place to be, or help create it.

If you tell a fish to climb a tree, it will think it’s a failure all its life. When you put people in a toxic culture, they will struggle all the time. If you put people into a high performance culture, there is no work. It’s effortless. It’s like a German sports car. It comes with an owner’s manual that tells you how to get the most from it.  If you use the correct oil, the correct gas, and you follow the guidelines on maintenance, this car will reward you for 250K reliable miles because it was designed to perform like that.

We are designed in a certain way, and when we are immersed in a high performing culture, that is our high octane gas, and our synthetic oil. We are being exactly as we were designed to be, and getting exactly what we were designed to get. That’s why success feels so effortless to those who are in the right place. If you aren’t there- go find it.

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