Concerning your leadership, are you a “travel agent”, or a “tour guide”?

A travel agent sends people to places that they’ve never been themselves. They hand out brochures. They tell you what a wonderful time you’re going to have, but they don’t know how to actually make it an experience of a lifetime. They simply help to get you to a place you want to go.

On the other hand, a  tour guide has not only been there, but can tell you all the places that will make the trip wonderful. They’ve lived there and know things that only a native can know. You trust them because they speak from experience. They are the ones who can help you get an experience that you’ll never forget.

While there are many, many travel agents- there are few tour guides in life. Many people are content to be an agent, but only the few committed ones who really care will step up to take the journey with you.

Who are you confident in guiding you up the mountain? Who relies on your leadership?

How can you become a tour guide for your family, congregation, or your team at work?

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