Intention attention

Many people of you reading this have experienced reaching the top of a mountain, whether literal or symbolic. You know the feeling of accomplishment. You found a sequence that worked. You know how to do it, and can do it again and again. In fact, you’re ready to find a more challenging mountain to climb.

Share your growth with someone.  Every week, find someone to share it with.

When you share it, and someone is happy because of it- keep sharing. If they are not happy- move on to someone else.

Don’t ever spend time with people who are not thrilled with your progress. Leave those people behind at the base of the mountain, and go find new friends who are also ascending; who are enjoying the climb. Even though it may be small, it’s an essential community to be associated with. They are the ones who will keep you looking up, and you’ll find you don’t miss where you’ve been. You won’t look back at the bottom because the view from there doesn’t compare.

When you become intentional in your growth, you’ll outgrow almost everyone you know. Try to bring as many people along with you as possible.

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